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Training Opportunities


Training opportunities are provided to participants who have skills in singing, dancing, acting, modelling as well as playing of instruments. Participants in the performance arts are trained in all aspects of theatre according to their field of interest.  Our coachers, mentors and teachers are selected from the best South African performers with international records of exposure.

Modelling and Pageantry

Our pageantry courses are not modelling courses, but develop women as business spokes persons as marketing and advertising agents.
The categories of training range from the age group of 3 years old to 35 years old and cover aspects of poise, movement, carriage, speaking, make-up, fashion choice, colour coding and hairstyling. All pageantry artists are required to show and demonstrate expertise in 3 to 5 fields of the performance arts. Males are also eligible as the international advertising and film industries constantly search for new personalities of all cultures and race groups for their products.


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